Santos y Diablitos is born in Santiago de Chile in the year 2008 created by designers Andrea Rodriguez and Yurena Irazuzta. Our stores opened in 2010 being supported by Nayra Irazuzta.

This brand´s inspiration is to find a way of clothing that is comfortable, cheerful, and colorful and at the same time easy to use.

Santos y Diablitos is a brand designed from the needs of newborns, babies and children and not from fashion trends, proposing an original style that gives life to our brand.

We want our cloth to be practical and to facilitate daily tasks such as changing or dressing them and thus contribute in their autonomy in the different stages of their growth. In Santos y Diablitos you will find simple and comfortable clothes that is easy to put on and take out. At the same time, we are concerned of bringing original themes of our country by including unique illustrations of typical Chilean animals and landscapes not only of the city but also of all our flora and fauna. In our collections you will be able to find from the cold landscape of the Antarctica to the arid landscape of the Atacama Desert.

Santos y Diablitos promotes Chilean products with high quality design and a fair value chain that  goes from the illustrators to the manufacture of the clothing.

Santos y Diablitos alludes to the attitude and way of being of our children… They all have a little bit of Santos and also Diablitos!